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Fields: UI/UX Design | Product Design | Visual

My Role: Product Design | Case Study | Illustrations for the case study that you can see below

Duration: 4 weeks Team Sprint | Barcelona Code School
The Team: Anna Veerman | Kiera McCormack | Agnieszka Oppeln-Bronikowska
Tools: Figma / Figjam / Notion / Miro / Illustrator / Procreate / Photoshop / Trello / Slack  

Problem Statement: Particularly during the high season in Barcelona, friction occurs between tourists and locals especially when space is scarce. This is a problem because it's diminishing the quality of life for locals and equally the experience for the tourists. 
Hypothesis: We anticipate difficulty in overcoming friction between tourists and locals as this type of solution involves cultural and behavioral change. 
Long Term Goal: In 5 years time we want an app which connects tourists/expats and locals providing commonalities and benefits for both.
Case study summary: 
# Gaining respect and love for an area, creates a positive atmosphere and helps to eradicate friction amongst those traveling through, and those whom live there.
# The app provides a fun, interactive space to learn and immerse yourself in Catalan culture.
# Expats are able to move through the city, increasing their local knowledge and relationship with the culture.
# In future production of the app, more clarity around specific discounts and the requirement to move around the city would be necessary. 
Reflection: Working together in a team, with other Creatives was a unique experience. The design sprint required maximum focus and cooperation. The project taught me how important communication is, how important it is to be fully focused on sketching, brainstorming, coming up with new ideas, and how to make compromises that can bring amazing results. One of the most difficult parts was when we decided to change the focus of our case study - since then we knew, we have less time so we had to be efficient and organize our work perfectly. In the end, we had a lot of fun working together and it was a great experience to work with Anna and Kiera! 
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