Agnieszka Oppeln-Bronikowska
Product Designer | UX/UI Designer​​​​​​​
Poznan, Poland
Hi! I'm Agnieszka, a Product Designer based in Poznań, Poland. Most recently I worked as a Lead UX/UI Designer at Bloomag Inc. a San Francisco-based company building large-scale, regional AI models for pest management.
Product Designer (UX) / STX Next 
2024-Now | Poznan, Poland
Lead UX/UI Designer / Founder Designer - Bloomag Inc.
2022-2024 | San Francisco, CA / Zurich / remote
A San Francisco-based company building large-scale, regional AI models for pest management in partnership with leading universities, industrial boards, agricultural businesses, and technology firms. I designed and developed Bloomag's core products: the main website, API portal, Analytics Platform, and Mobile App.
UX/UI Designer - QueueWi
2021-2022 | Warsaw, Poland / remote
Working for a startup on a food order tracking app and website. Holding a product design process. Working with developers, wireframing, building prototypes, brainstorming, and preparing UI solutions. Thanks to the free smartphone application, you can check the status of your order, without wasting your time idling in the queue.​​​​​​​
Visual/UX and Interaction Designer (Freelance) 
2018-2022 | remote
I designed websites, apps, style guides, logos, posters, branding and visual content for multiple clients. Conducted research focusing on user-centered design and innovative solutions. 
Architect / Creative - Consultor Architekci 
2021-2022 | Poznan, Poland
Working on a conceptual and executive project for the new building of the University of Life Sciences in Poznań, Poland. Preparing 3D models, sketches, drawings, and inter-project coordination.​​​​​​​
Creative Intern / Architect Intern - MENIS Arquitectos
Spring-Autumn 2018 | Santa Cruz de Tenerife | Spain
Working as a team member on a collective project - 'MENIS backstage' international exhibition. My role : Project coordination, conceptual design, preparing experiments and studies. The exhibition took place in Aedes Architekturforum in Berlin, the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, and El Tanque Cultural Space in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 
Barcelona Code School 
Full-time UI/UX Design Bootcamp
2022 | Barcelona, Spain
- Ability to work with an AGILE team project design sprint
- Competent in the use of UX designer software and tools
- Understanding and ability to apply UX heuristics and UI design concepts
 Final research and case study (Personal project): Prevention of food waste. My main goal was to raise awareness on how to take care of our planet, focusing on fruit and vegetable waste.
Final research and case study (Team project): Community-based tourism. Difficulty in overcoming the friction between locals and tourists in Barcelona. Our suggested solution involves cultural and behavioral change. 
Coursera x Google
UX Design Course
2021-2022 | Online
-Google UX Design Certificate
Poznan University of Technology
Master of Architecture | MArch Architecture
2019-2021 | Poznan, Poland

-Thesis research and project:
"Co-living space, Community-based tourism and local development - Punta de Hidalgo, Tenerife, Spain"
The study focused on
 unplanned, spontaneous interactions. People spending time together in shared spaces with no fences and no barriers can enjoy their time, share experiences, exchanging ideas. In contrast to the typical hotel development, co-living is dedicated to everyone, regardless of their origins.
Madrid University of Technology
2017-2018 | Madrid, Spain
Architecture, (BA) Exchange Programme
Poznan University of Technology
2015-2017 | Poznan, Poland
Bachelor of Architecture | BArch Architecture 
Agnieszka Oppeln-Bronikowska has been an invaluable asset to our organization, playing a
pivotal role in shaping our brand identity and product design. Her contributions have been
extensive, encompassing end-to-end company branding, product design, and the
development of marketing materials. Her creativity and meticulous attention to detail have
been instrumental in establishing a cohesive and compelling brand image across all our
platforms. One of Agnieszka's remarkable achievements has been the design and
development of all our company's core products, including the main website, the API Portal,
the Analytics Platform, and the Mobile Application.
— Aristides Ioannou (Head of Engineering @ Bloomag, Inc.) / 2024
Agnieszka is a very talented designer, whether it is graphics, UI or UX she loves all aspects of the design game. On top of that she reads interesting articles, presented me with cool facts, and surprised me with very deep conversations.
— Anna Veerman (Digital producer @ The Brink Agency) / 2023
Leading Scientific Research Project
2018-2021 | Poznan, Poland
'Common spaces and Urban Planning in the cities: Beijing, Warsaw, Zurich'
Scholarship from President of Poznan University of Technology
2016-2017-2018 | Poznan, Poland
Best students scholarship
Bests students project of the year
2017 | Poznan, Poland
finals, Poznan University of Technology
Figma | Figjam
Adobe XD
After Effects
Rhino 3D
HTML + CSS (basics)

People skills & teamwork
Rapid sketching
User Research
Conducting Interviews
Information Architecture
Agile/Scrum methodology
Brainstorming ideas
Usability testing
Visual Design
3D Modeling 
Communication skills
I speak 
English (Fluent)
Spanish (Fluent)
Polish (Native)
German (Basic)
I am a passionate extrovert. If I'm not busy learning about the design you can find me close to the water, most likely sailing, kitesurfing, reading, or drawing. I am curious about the world - always up to date with global news. In my free time, I give Spanish classes, I also enjoy listening to music, creating playlists and new mixes. 
**My favorite inspiring websites <33 - The standard for brands. From guidelines to rollout - Identity style guides from around the world dating back as early as the 70s - A mini resource of all the valid CSS color names - A daily hit of color inspiration - Inspiration of Wes Anderson’s work in color - it's like a better version of Pinterest - An architecture and design magazine - promotes the best innovative web design​​​​​​​ - A tool to write, share and create together - creating a script, novel, story, essay, or poem.​​​​​​​
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